Prevention: Tendon Gliding Exercises

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Tendon Gliding

Learn correct positional movement of the tendons as they "floss" the sheath in an un-abrasive way!

Tendon gliding exercises are often a useful tool to manage the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Tennis Elbow and even Dupuytrens' Contracture. 

Try the following tendon gliding exercises to help decrease the pain and tingling associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. You can also use the exercises to help prevent future problems with the strain of fatigue as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.




Starting Position:
Hold your hand upright and relaxed.
Step 1:
Bend fingers until the tips of your fingers touch the base of the fingers.
Step 2:
Gently make a fist.
Bend your fingers at the knuckles until your hand makes the “L” shape.
Ending Position:
Move the tips of your fingers toward the palm and gently rest.


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