Safety Training Programs: Basic




Ergonomics 101

Employees get a firm grip on how ergonomics principles can be used to improve their working conditions and reduce their potential for injury.  The who, what, when and where’s of ergonomics are explored, to prevent physical discomfort and symptoms of cumulative trauma. Employee ownership is promoted with this engaging and interactive groundwork.

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  • Introduction & Basics of Body Mechanics:
    The "what" and "why" of ergonomics.
  • Recognizing Cumulative Trauma Disorders:
    Basic anatomy and how the body develops cumulative trauma is explored.
  • The Employee's Role:   
    The occurrence and the importance in early reporting of our proactive prevention process.
  • Execute Ergonomics Now:
    Bi-Annual Short Courses:  Review of common risks, signs & symptoms, equipment and recommendations for common exposures. Our Most Popular Course    

Ergo-Alert Training

The success with which ergonomic job changes are implemented in a workplace often hinges on supervisors and managers. Their acceptance of or resistance to the ergonomics approach is likely due to their perception and understanding of this discipline. Here is where The Ergo Firm consultants give this group of individuals a brief review of how ergonomics can make their jobs easier. Recommended training topics include:

  • Introduction to Ergonomics Principles
      • Including important definitions
      • Understanding workplace biomechanics injuries
      • Cost effective measures
      • Breakdown employee body size differences and how it impacts equipment interface. 
  • A systematic look into anatomy as it develops cumulative trauma. 
  • How managers and supervisors can effectively integrate ergonomics into the work process.
  • Effective ergonomics models used in other industries, importance of worker participation and the impact of implementing ergonomics.

                              Attendees are Encouraged to Use the Concepts They Learn Today!

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Customized Lunch and Learns:

"Lunch and Learn" Ergonomics/Wellness Seminars provide fundamental information to all Employees, most companies will choose this seminar so that everyone can learn about ergonomics and wellness in a positive and fun atmosphere.

  • Anatomy Talk
  • Back Talk
  • Computer Talk
  • Elbow, Wrist and Hand Talk
  • Ergonomic Awareness
  • Grip Talk
  • Healthcare Lifting Mechanics
  • Human Resources ln-services
  • Injury Prevention
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Lifting, Push & Pull
  • Manual Material Handling
    • Musculoskeletal Disorders
    • Neck & Shoulder Talk
    • New Hire and The Aging Workforce
    • Nutrition & Ergonomics
    • Office Workstation
    • Posture, Posture, Posture
    • Quick Stop Evaluation Tips
    • Schools: Back Pack Talk
    • Shoulder Talk
    • Squat/Kneeling Talk
    • Strain, Sprains and Pains Talk
    • Pipettes, Microscopes, Centrifuges & Computers

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School Safety

  • Oh My Aching Backpack!
  • How Heavy is Too Heavy?
  • Sitting vs. Standing
  • Obesity Statistics

Healthy Eating

  • Portion Distortion
  • Nutrition Basics
  • BMI vs % Body Mass

Blood Pressure Screening

  • Who & When to Screen
  • Healthy Life Evaluatior

Sports Medicine

  • Sprain or Strain?
  • Injury: Hot or Cold?
  • Coaches Corner

The Aging Workforce

  • Tips for Longevity
  • Protect Your Back
  • Stretch for Health