Remote Ergonomic Evaluations

Available worldwide with high-quality solutions for those who are not in The Ergo Firm's geological region.  We are happy to meet your needs with a cost effective phone consultation, follow the steps below and get started today:

Evaluation Categories & Options


Four Step Process

STEP ONE: Schedule Date & Time and Provide:
   4 photo's required showing working tasks, body positions. (see photo example below)

STEP TWO: 30 Minute Phone Intervention:
    One-on One coaching, relevant objectives for risk exposures discussed regarding effort, equipment and environment. Symptoms Survey.

    Recommendations/Corrections with preventative problem solving solutions. Electronically delivered HIPPA compliant report.

STEP FOUR: Follow-up Phone Consultation (15 minute):
    Well-Check feedback to any questions on the ergonomic evaluation report, if needed.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


Would you rather have a Certified Expert Ergonomist visit you?

Contact our senior ergonomist/principal; Jeannie A. Smith at for a one-on-one consultation.

The Ergo Firm evaluation involves observation, modifications with instruction coaching with problem solving recommendations.  Our goal is to arrange the work station so the employee achieves a neutral, natural comfortable work posture. 

See how ergonomic adjustments on your own work station can make you more comfortable and productive at work.  Computer Tips

Evaluation Categories & Options