The 3-E's Proactive Process: Effort

Effort | Equipment | Environment

Our Ergonomic Evaluation analysis process is scientifically based to evaluate potential risk factors taking into account the user's capabilities and limitations. We ensure that workers effort, equipment and environment are suited each user or groups of users. Regardless of the work task being evaluated, we outline potential ergonomic revisions and recommendations to avoid the economic outlay that most reactive processes generate.

Effort Tasks Analysis Incorporates:

The ergonomic evaluation analyzes the EFFORT/TASK of the worker is a primary part of our evaluation process.  Each body part is examined to make sure the employee is not at risk which may cause Repetitive Motion Injuries.   

                              Sample: Effort/Task Analysis

    Corporate & Individual:

    Regardless of the effort required we can deliver a separate essential ergonomic needs assessment to reduce the risk of injury corporate wide.

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