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Our ergonomists have a keen eye relating to the ergonomic needs for office, laboratory, and the industrial environments.  With thousands of ergonomic assessments completed we close the gap between ergonomic risks by creating human performance solutions.

Our early recognition system has a proven record in decreasing potential injuries and claims.

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Compared to other private industry sectors, the medical, economic, and social costs of work-related musculoskeletal disorders or ergonomic injuries in the healthcare environment are particularly serious and warrant special consideration.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses' aides, health aides, radiology technologists and therapists, as well as licensed practical nurses and registered nurses, make up six of the top 10 professionals who are at the greatest risk for back injury.

Scientific evidence shows that effective industrial ergonomic interventions can lower the physical demands of Manual Material Handling (MMH) work tasks.  Thereby lowering the incidence and severity of musculoskeletal injuries they can cause.  The Ergo Firm's primary evaluation factors for industrial material handling tasks are:

  • Lifting duration
     (work-time / recovery-time)
  • Lifting frequency
  • Properties of load
  • Working environment
  • Posture of worker

Laboratory settings or field collection sites may require interaction with restricted or confined space. In these settings a safe ergonomic routine is often sacrificed for efficiency.  Many of the tasks performed in research laboratories place workers at risk for the development of repetitive strain injuries.  We will assess the potential hazardous activities including use of equipment such as pipettes, microscopes, centrifuges and computers.

Since every office space is different, we offer multiple solutions to bring your workstation in control; be it at home, work or telecommuting.  Out ergonomic experts review thousands of jobs every year providing reports and solutions to easily manage the entire process.  Regardless of your environment we offer pin point solutions for high impact work station improvements.

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The 3-E's Proactive Process

Our analysis process is scientifically based to evaluate potential risk factors taking into account the user's capabilities and imitations. We ensure that workers effort, equipment and environment are suited each user or groups of users. Regardless of the work task being evaluated, we outline potential ergonomic revisions and recommendations to avoid the economic outlay that most reactive processes generate.




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