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A snowball that rolls down a mountain can quickly turn into an avalanche.
Similarly, unreported common “wear and tear” symptoms will quickly escalate into serious injures resulting in increased direct insurance costs, indirect time off with pay and indirect delayed project deadlines.

      • “Average” cost for a “simple” sprain or stain of the lumbar spine is approximately $18,365.00 in direct costs per occurrence.
      • An insurers average cost per “simple” lumbar sprain is $25,200.00. 
      • Indirect costs are calculated to be 15-40 times the direct costs.
      • Second back injury is usually more complicated and costs 2-4 times. 

Injury Rate Surveillance


Risk Factor Surveillance


Focus Groups

Engineering and Design

What is your Workplace Indicator? What is your Injury Rate? Get real time answers as our team examines your company profile.
  • Performance Deterioration
  • Quality Control Problems
  • Absenteeism & Turnover
    -Human Resources
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
    -OSHA Logs (300-301)
    -WC Reports
  • Fatigue & Discomfort
    -Employee Interviews
What is your workers BEST position? Does it matter what type of Ergonomic Equipment I order for my employees? With our discerning observations and measurements we assess worksite tools, job demands and workplace conditions to answer your specific corporate needs. Let us provide specific solutions with our straight forward system. Who in your company can provide effective hazard corrections to avoid work hazards? Do you want to train up a in-house CERT or Ergonomic Focus Team? Can video training work "alone" guide your teams? At The Ergo Firm we believe real-time, hands-on training is the most effect and lasting. Our experts can enable management through employees to become prevention minded in musculoskeletal dysfunction. Ergonomic Engineering and Design keeps your process from slowing down. Do your workers reset equipment over and over to make it function correctly, waiting precious minutes? Task and Equipment must match for profit and success! With realistic solutions we unravel the work process and flow with improved design analysis.