Program Management: Formal Program Management




Management Leadership & Employee Participation:

Employees are highly encouraged to bring their concerns to supervisors, management and human resources. Does your management know how to engage in your company's ergonomic safety requirements? Want to endorse your current program to the next level? Our process will help you build a cooperative ergonomics process that is sustained by the infrastructure and standards of your corporation.

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The Ergo Firm will assist the Human Resources Department, supervisors and managers to identify possible work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). When an employee reports signs or symptoms of a WMSD, The Ergo Firm can act as a liaison with phone consultation for basic first aid prevention methods as well as on-site immediate response. We also help interpret the continuance of work restrictions.

Return to Work

This service assists you with employees returning to work after sustaining an injury.  Employees recovering from a significant injury or illness and may not have sustained a temporary or permanent disability but need job-coaching.  This type of consultation may include:
  • Determine appropriate light duty jobs for specific work categories.
  • Classify job descriptions in actual “functional” rather than descriptive terms.
  • Employee & Management disability training.

Job Safety & Physical Demands Analysis

(JAS) This is the process of describing and recording aspects of jobs and specifying the skills and other requirements necessary to perform the job. An ergonomics job analysis evaluates the level of ergonomics risk present in a job and is based on industry-tested and scientifically validated risk assessment tools.
(PDA) report portrays knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristic necessary for job performance. It helps you implement new policies, to enforce existing employment policies and to ensure adherence to local, state and federal law.

Program Valuation

For the cost of just one injury we can provide training and assistance for hundreds of employees.
High-quality ergonomics impacts the bottom line. It promotes more than comfort and reduces injury risks. Our consulting increase productivity and employee morale, which reduces costs and contribute to company goals.
Companies that invest in ergonomics appreciate a drastic reduction in lost work days and costs associated with workers' compensation claims.