Program Management

With thousands of completed ergonomic assessments The Ergo Firm Consultants have a keen eye relating to the ergonomic needs for office, laboratory, and the industrial environments.  We close the gap between ergonomic problems and create human performance solutions. We will tell you the nature and scope of your ergonomics problem and help navigate a straight-forward path for improvement.


ON-SITE Ergonomics

Program Management

Ergonomic Proactive Process (EPP)
On-site visit with a professional ergonomic clinician (daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly)
EPP Brochure

IN-DEPTH Management

Program Management

Injury Rate Surveillance
Risk Factor Surveillance
Focus Groups
Engineering & Design

FORMAL Program Management

Program Management

Medical Management
Return to Work Assistance
(Job Safety & Physical Demands)
Program Valuation - ROI
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Sensible View to Your Program Management

  • Our all-inclusive approach comes from our time-honored development and management systems.
  • The Ergo Firm's model is adaptable to your organization's structure and culture.

Built-in Programs and Processes

  • Risk identification enables participation and ownership by your line and office operations.
  • We establish long-term improvement goals through identifying and preparing on-site resources.
  • Our ergonomists enhance your employee's skills and abilities.

Small improvements - BIG BENEFITS

  • Your existing program will be enhanced with our straightforward inspirational approach.
  • Our team has the knowledge, skills, and resources to assist you with the development and deployment of an integrated, effective ergonomics program.